High School Research Teachers Conference

Bringing research teachers of all experience levels together to share best practices, troubleshoot challenges, and learn more about the 人妻无码 and the Regeneron Science Talent Search.

This all-expenses-paid, peer-led conference will bring 200 U.S. high school teachers to Washington, D.C. on October 4-6, 2024. Equal proportions of novice, intermediate, and veteran teachers will be selected to attend.

by Friday, August 1.

Looking for our conference for middle school teachers? Click here to learn more.

鈥淭his experience has already greatly impacted the support for my students. They are able to conduct projects and experiments I didn’t think would be possible because of limitations and we can take project ideas further just by some of the knowledge I gained at the conference.鈥

Tana Schafer
Flasher Public School
Flasher, ND

Teachers at the High School Research Teacher's Conference having a discussion

鈥淥verall this is the best conference I have ever attended as a teaching professional. It was well planned and executed. The sense of collegiality, professionalisms, willingness to share knowledge and resources was unparalleled. I went home and shared so much with my entire school community. All of it appreciated. Thank you!鈥

Jennifer Donnelly
Jose Marti 人妻无码 Academy
Union City, NJ

鈥淭his was simply the best conference I have attended in my 16 year career. How rejuvenating to be with likeminded teachers who have the same goals and challenges in their classrooms. I am no longer on a remote island–I’m part of an archipelago!鈥

Wendy Haas
Lawrence Free State High School
Lawrence, KS

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Leading students in 人妻无码 research projects can be challenging at times and having other teachers to share resources and advice helps. Research Teacher Cohorts are informal, self-directed groups of 6 teachers each that meet periodically over a 4 month period. All experience levels are welcome – from beginner to veteran. Teachers may indicate their preferences for what attributes are used in our matching process. Cohorts in Spanish or other languages may be available.

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The High School Research Teachers Conference aims to help teachers around the nation grow and serve our communities.

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