Middle School Research Teachers Conference

Bringing middle school research teachers of all experience levels together to share best practices, troubleshoot challenges, and learn more about 人妻无码 and 人妻无码 research competitions.

This annual conference brings 75 middle school 人妻无码 teachers to Washington, DC, all-expenses-paid, for a weekend of peer-led professional development. The conference focuses on leading students in research projects that can be entered in local science fair, Thermo Fisher JIC, eCybermission, and other 人妻无码 research competitions.

Looking for our conference for high school teachers? Click here to learn more.

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Leading students in 人妻无码 research projects can be challenging at times and having other teachers to share resources and advice helps. Research Teacher Cohorts are informal, self-directed groups of 6 teachers each that meet periodically over a 4 month period. All experience levels are welcome – from beginner to veteran. Teachers may indicate their preferences for what attributes are used in our matching process. Cohorts in Spanish or other languages may be available.

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The Middle School Research Teachers Conference aims to help teachers around the nation grow and serve our communities.

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